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My London Dating Agencies & Dating Coaching For Singles

I'm a Dating & Relationship Expert. If you’re single and searching for love, I can help you!


I am a Dating Expert based in London providing International Matchmaking & Dating Coaching services since 2011. I own two dating agencies, work with couples as an Imago Relationship Therapist and consult across the worldwide dating industry to help singles have successful personal introductions, finding the love they deserve.  My matchmaking teams make personal introductions in London, Europe and beyond. We help singles find compatible life partners based on their wants, needs and desires for a future relationship. 


In a nutshell, I have two dating agencies in the UK that are different, as well as an online dating club for traditional singles dating and I also offer love life coaching (this has a waiting list) for those singles who are looking to find out more about themselves and what has been holding them back from finding and building a lovely relationship. Some people are new to off-line dating, others want to overcome hurts from breakups to get back out there again and some are finally ready to date differently and create meaningful connections with singles who are aligned with the same relationship goals, lifestyle and love-life intentions.


Whatever your reason for landing here on this page as a single, I have no doubt one of my teams and brands can help you connect to the love you seek and to get the love you want and deserve.


Let me tell you about my work with singles seeking deep loving connection.


Love Connections Global - A London Matchmaking Agency


This is a matchmaking agency for singles in the UK, Europe and across the Globe. The singles in this community want to build a committed relationship that is monogamous and deeply connected. Many singles in this community are successful, time poor and done with the shallow time zapping of dating apps. They want to meet like-minded educated, interesting and successful singles. This is a worldwide pool of single professionals who operate in the off-line space, off social media more often than not and work, travel or live in multiple locations. These singles are exceptional, often high-achieving, interesting, curious, conscious and kind. There is a common thread of self-development, philanthropy and kindness that runs through this matchmaking agency. This agency is based in London and has a world-wide team. We make connections for singles locally, nationwide or globally. Prices are based on scope of search, commonality specifics and duration of the work as personal matchmakers. Enquire Here.

Love Lessons - Dating Coaching For Singles


Are you looking to overcome hurdles that are holding you back from forming deep connection? Perhaps you’re single and experiencing dating burnout in the struggle to align with people on your wavelength or form deeper connection needed to form a lasting relationship? Over the years I’ve helped many singles work on many issues like lack of confidence, barriers to connection such as fear of failure in relationships, anxiety in the dating journey and short situationship patterns that feel unhealthy and unproductive towards the end goal of forming a long-lasting, loving relationship. I help singles get clear on how they date, break unhealthy dating patterns and gain clarity on the kind of relationship they would like to build. Many of my singles in coaching programmes go on to become matchmaking clients or find a loving relationship organically through becoming clear, confident and unwavering in their healthy and positive approach to dating. Enquire Here. 


Tailor Matched - A Sexual Compatibilty matchmaking Agency, based in London


This is a personal introductions agency in London for the wild at heart. They are seeking compatibility based on sexual, emotional and intellectual exploration. This community of singles is mainly based in and around London and the surrounding boroughs but has been expanding across the UK & Europe for the last two years. Tailor Matched is a thoughtleading matchmaking agency based in London that connects singles based on compatibility both inside and outside the bedroom. We are the only dating agency worldwide that creates personal introductions based on sexual, emotional and intellectual compatibility. Established in 2019, we are a team of educators in the intimacy, relationships and educational space. Enquire Here.

My Matchmaking Manifesto

How singles conduct themselves in dating matters to me. I've been professionally matchmaking since 2011 and over the years have been adding to a manifesto that I expect of community members in my matchmaking businesses to ensure kindness, connection, and inclusivity oozes from singles I work with.

Here's my matchmaking manifesto....

Values: When becoming a member of our matchmaking community each person commits to conducting themselves in line with our values of kindness, honesty and integrity. These values can show up in how each member interacts with each introduction, at events and with our matchmaking team. We expect these values to be present at all times and in all interactions.

Engagement: As a member of the matchmaking community each member agrees it is their intention to connect with one another and agrees that they understand it is the goal of each member of our community to build a committed romantic relationship. We expect all members to be highly engaged with one another, as Love Connections set ourselves aside from any other dating community or online platform. All community members must always communicate with one another with kindness, respectful and honest representations of themselves at all times.

Tone & Intention: When matchmaking there is no algorithm and the work we do in the personal introductions space is a ‘labour of love’ and with all good intentions. We matchmakers work towards the same end goal as our community members. With that said, it is our ethos that all community members liaise with our matchmakers with kindness, care and consideration of tone at all times. Any time we deem the conduct of members to be unkind, without care and consideration or not aligned with the behaviours and actions of the rest of our community we will act accordingly. Furthermore, we expect and each member commits to conducting themselves in a courteous manner at all times with each other and with our team

Open-mindedness: Our community are open-minded and we expect that openmindedness to be present at all times, with all introductions, at all events, at all workshops and with all of our matchmakers when engaging in the personal introductions service. All community members must be open to feedback and assistance in their dating journey in the mutual understanding that we may offer feedback in a way that is honest, direct, supportive and challenging of any limiting beliefs around attracting a fulfilling romantic relationship.

Confidentiality: Our community is exceptional so confidentiality of our members is held in the highest regard. We expect all community members to keep confidential all information about our services and those which engage in them as part of our community. It is also important that all community members respect each others rights to privacy and keep confidential everything at Love Connections matchmaking.

Responsibility: All matchmaking community members agree to be responsible for their actions and behaviours if it is not in line with our code of conduct at any time. Members agree to be held accountable with any course of action we feel is necessary to protect the brand, our values and our matchmaking community if we deem those behaviours and actions to be against our terms and conditions, agreements and expectations of each community member.

Inclusion: We expect all community members to be inclusive, open-minded and not to ever use language which is deemed to be calculated, obscene, offensive, hateful or otherwise inflammatory or likely to deceive. This includes, but isn’t limited to, language that is intended to or otherwise is likely to threaten, annoy, discriminate, alarm, inconvenience, upset, or embarrass any member of our community or our team of matchmakers. All activity of our community members must always be lawful.


Constructive Communication: At Love Connections we are like no other matchmaking agency. We bring singles together using the three core components of emotional, intellectual and overall romantic compatibility. It’s important that community members share with each other openly about what is coming up for community member during their time of connecting: be in via an introduction, at a workshop or at an in-person event. Understanding and interpretation of exchanges between community members can be subject to their own experiences, beliefs, values and current circumstances - it’s important members acknowledge that humans interpretation of one another can be subjective rather than objective. With this in mind, we expect kind communication at all times with one another that is constructive to how you feel and the other persons dating journey, that is with kindness and that keeps community spirit ar the forefront of mind.

With the end destination in mind: Our clients must always know that we matchmakers are working towards the same end goals as our community members. This end goal is to connect the community to those romantically suitable, however subjective, given what they have shared in their applications and matchmaking consultations. To ensure our intentions are aligned, and, the high chance of offline connection being actualised, our community agrees that their information is in full at the beginning of their membership, it is up to date at all times and that they engage in the process as much as our matchmakers are invested in the personal introductions services for each and every one. The more constructive and kind feedback the team receive from each introduction, each date and each interaction will help us further refine the process of personal introductions. Our community also understands that the dating journey as a process is different for each community member due to subjectivity as we deal with people, not products.

No Guarantee: Our community members agree that they understand that whilst we matchmakers work towards and are aligned with the same romantic goals of our clients that there are no guarantees. Our community members commit to being openminded to the work that we matchmakers do, working with romantic subjectivity, ever changing dating landscapes and elements that aren’t often tangible such as chemistry, compatibility and romantic connectivity between members. Each member acknowledges and commits to the understanding that there are no guarantees but working towards the end goal is a collaboration between the members input and the professional work of our matchmakers.

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