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5 Dating Tips for 2024

Happy New Year lovelies!

May 2024 bring you deep connection, contentment and conscious love. You deserve it. 

We hope you’ve been recharging and resetting over the holiday season, spending time with your nearest and dearest or perhaps disconnecting from the world to better take care of you. 

As you start your dating journey in 2024, we wanted to share 5 tips to help create a fun, positive dating journey. 

The journey to finding love gets to be fun, if you allow it:

1 - Be Patient: Understand that dating is a process, and it's okay not to have all the answers right away. Remember that when you’re dating you’re relating to others and finding that special connection is no easy task. Really understanding others and yourself along the way requires kindness, gentleness, empathy and consideration. Some people won’t be for you and you won’t  always be for others. Remember, when connecting on a romantic level it’s the most vulnerable place to be, embrace the ambiguity, accept uncertainty and enjoy the journey of getting to know someone as you embrace the deliciousness of the unknown. 

Also know this, If you’ve been busy navigating online dating for a while your brain may be conditioned to receive a mass of ‘matches’ and instantaneous gratification of swipe rights. You may very well be used to having a high quantity of potentials who actually aren’t aligned with you as your fingertips but on the other side of that feeling exhausted by the paradox of choice. However, In matchmaking our community do dating oh so differently, we focus on forging connections based on matched lifestyles, values and wants for the future of a relationship, you will receive high quality, hand-picked introductions where we encourage slow and deeply connected dating, one introduction at one time. It requires patience, investment and the potential for slow-burning romance. 

2. Focus on Friendship: The foundations of any deeply connected romantic relationship is friendship. Start each connection with finding and building friendship, the rest will follow. When you meet your person you’ll want to be able to be the most authentic and honest version of you and that means ensuring the foundations of friendship are solid as a first port of call, as you connect to the chemistry that sets this relationship aside from the rest. It is the foundation of friendship in great relationships and marriages that help couples overcome conflict, grow together and accept each others differences as individuals. You’ll need the kindness that friendship brings in all dating and relating. 

3. Communicate Openly: Engage in open, honest conversations with each date.The only way to get your wants, needs and desires met is to share them with others. If you’re not clear on what they are or how to ‘really be' in a relationship with another, we recommend our dating and relationship coaching to help you know what you want and overcome anything that holds you back from deeply connecting with others to attract the love you deserve. Coaching helps singles get clear on what is serving them in dating and what is not. It helps singles make decisions more quickly and forge connections more deeply as they let anyone and anything that isn’t for them fall by the wayside. 

4. Be positive in the process : Date when you feel ready, not when you feel a void in your life or a sense of loneliness. If you feel good in your life and content, this is the best place to connect with another. You can not create connection from a feeling of lack. Happiness is the most attractive trait and so work on feeling good about dating, good in your mind and body and you’ll connect with those who mirror what you are putting out there into the world of dating. When you have hope and faith in the process you’ll likely create the opportunity to lean into finding love. You’ll also not take any disconnection you experience with others so personally, keeping you on the path to finding your partner 

5. Cultivate Emotional Intimacy: Create a safe space for emotional vulnerability as you connect with others in dating. Don’t hide parts of yourself as a process of self-preservation. Be wholly you and let others explore the potential for compatibility on an emotional level. Share your humanness, that’s what creates connections across the board. 

Wishing you an incredible start to the New Year.  May it be filled with so much love, so much connection and so much you-ness in dating. 

Much Love,

Sarah Louise x


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