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Relationship Workshop For Couples: Revision, Reignite & Deeply Reconnect

Calling all conscious couples who want to reignite, reconnect and revision what a deeply fulfilling, loving, intimate and playful relationship gets to look like!

Gosh. I’m excited.

Couples get to have an incredible relationship, as we date and relate how we connect and communicate changes and evolves. The deliciousness of what brought you both together in the first instance can sometimes get lost in translation.

I’m Sarah Louise Ryan, Relationship Expert, Matchmaker and Psychotherpasit in the making with a deep passion for working with love, dating and relating. I’ve been helping singles and couples since 2011 and am committed to my vocation of helping people find love and reconnect in love.

I’m here to give you the practical and fun tools so you can connect consciously and create the relationship and future you both desire. If you’re in a couple that want more in their love lives, inside and outside the bedroom, this workshop is for you.

In this modern world of relating I hear so many couples feeling lost in the busy-ness of work, stuck in a cycle of digital consumption and feeling like the deep connection they once had has started to dim or lose the burning desire that once was.

This relationship revisioning workshop is for couples who want to explore so much more with each other.

It’s for couples who want to deeply reconnect inside and outside the bedroom

Its for those who want practical tools to feel connection beyond the surface and cycle of day-to-day cohabiting

Its for couples who feel they want so much more but don’t know how to create it

Its for me to share the key ingredient with you to igniting the spark again, as it once was

It’s for you both to consider how you’re going to get both of your needs met whilst maintaining a deep friendship that’s beyond all others you both have

It’s for you both to access playful energy that brings the flame of desire that you both want and deserve

It’s for you to consciously co-create a goal-driven future together that sets your soul on fire.

To prepare for the event here’s what I recommend for you and your Significant Other do to create a safe, connected and loving environment.

If you’re attending solo please follow the below in the same manner to create a safe self-loving environment for yourself:

  • Each individual bring their own notepad or journal and writing equipment

  • Get comfortable in a position to be facing each other or side by side or if solo cosy and comfortable to be able to be present and connected to yourself and the workshop. Essentially, if you’re with others, to be in close proximity that feels connecting and close enough to share and create closeness on all levels.

  • Bring herbal tea, water or a drink of your choice

  • Light candles or create a relaxing environment for you both/all to really romanticise what it is you really want from your relational dynamic going forward. Consider ambient lighting

  • Light incense if you wish - think about what you want to feel, smell, see in your space

  • Bring pictures, magazine cut outs of your future wants, colours to make your notes pop or books that can be in sight for inspiration around your wants for the future together

  • Create a comfortable seating environment with cushions, blankets, on the floor or sofa.

  • Wear comfortable clothing. This event has no nudity but I recommend wearing whatever you might wear when you meditate, do yoga or are just feeling free to be at home (but with clothes on!)

  • Please put your phone, computer or laptop with the zoom room screen in the middle of you so you can hear the session and my words but without having to hold the device so you can connect, write, sip your tea and just be with your partner(s)

  • Put your phone on silent to avoid distraction to stay in connection with yourself and others

This session will be recorded for others to watch on replay if they aren’t able to show up live. You are welcome to have your camera on, you are also welcome to have it off. You are welcome to ask questions as we go and I will stay at the end to chat to couples about something specific that they feel is holding them back from deep connection.

I can’t wait to help you revision what your relationship gets to look like!

Much Love,

Sarah Louise Ryan x


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