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BBC Manchester - The Go-To Dating & Relationship Expert Talks Love Island and modern dating

Sarah Louise Ryan is Manchesters BBC Radio go-to dating and relationship expert and she had a chat with Gaz Drinkwater about all things Love Island.

Sarah talked about...

🧪 the science of falling in love

🏔 The foundations of a lasting romantic relationship

❤️ How you know it’s love and what are the green flags in connection

📱 The swiping culture and how the Love Island villa is a reflection of that on screen 🏝

🍽 The key ingredient that makes relationships last the long run (it’s friendship BTW)

And…the components missing from Love Island couples to make it through in the real world 🌍

To have a dating and relationship expert on your show talking online dating, matchmaking, modern dating, heartbreak, divorce and intimacy contact Sarah to join your radio show you can be in touch right here


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