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Dating 101: A Masterclass with A Matchmaker

Cultivate Conscious Connections: Join Our Dating Strategy Masterclass with Renowned Matchmaker Sarah Louise Ryan on Sunday 24th September online at 6pm.

Are you tired of the frustrations that come with online dating or situationships that feel like prolonged one-night stands? Are you longing for deeper, more meaningful connections in your dating journey? Do you dream of fostering conscious relationships that align with your values and aspirations? for a conscious and loving relationship?

Join our Dating Strategy Masterclass, led by the esteemed matchmaker and relationship expert, Sarah Louise Ryan. Sarah has been matchmaking successful singles who want more from their love lives since 2011.

She understands the pain points of endless swiping, having fun but missing that deeper emotional and intellectual compatibility. She also understands that in the modern world of dating it can be difficult to stop and focus time, energy, affection and attention on just one person, to see where the connection unfolds.

Dating today has the paradox of choice. Apps allow access to fun and f*cking but that je ne se quoi with one significant connection is so few and far between.

Sarah is going to teach you what she knows about dating differently and slowing everything right down. So you can explore deep connection both inside and outside of the bedroom when dating and relating.

About Sarah Louise Ryan

Sarah Louise Ryan is a trailblazer in the world of matchmaking, renowned for her innovative modern approach working as an expert in the field since 2011, she focuses on fostering deep and conscious connections and has a sex-positive edge towards relationship creation for the singles she works with.

Sarah and her matchmaking teams bring singles together across the globe who want deeper connection that goes beyond the surface of shallow conversations and swiping. Sarah focuses on bringing her clients together based on sexual, emotional and intellectual compatibility. Having witnessed the struggles of online dating, Sarah has a proven track record of guiding individuals towards authentic relationships. A regular contributor to the BBC, Sarah is also a Psychotherapist in training and has been featured in Psychologies, Vogue, GQ, Forbes, on the front cover of Times and many more.

Why join this Dating Masterclass?

Gain an insight to the dating journey Sarah takes coaching clients on or simply join this masterclass to uncover insights, strategies, and wisdom that will revolutionise your approach to dating consciously.

📊 Facing the Reality of Online Dating, Intimacy & Relating so you can gain real insight to what you need to do to date differently in order to get different results.

💔 Discover how to overcome the disheartening experience of dating today so you can foster meaningful experiences and connections as you go. ghosting, fostering connections that respect your time and effort.

📉 Learn strategies to move beyond superficial chats and instead create meaningful dialogues that lead to more profound connections and beyond-the-surface conversations about what you want, need and desire inside and outside of the bedroom.

🔁 Overcome Endless Swiping Fatigue: Break free from the cycle of swiping endlessly, and embrace a purposeful dating approach that values quality over quantity in connection.

🕓 Wasted Time and Mismatched Intentions: Understand where and how you should be investing your time to get the return on emotional investment that you put out there. The sooner you are able to be authentic and honest about what you want and desire inside and outside the bedroom, the less time you will waste with those who have different dating and relating intentions, saving you precious time and energy investment.

What else will you get from Sarah in this Masterclass?

🗝️ Understand Mindful & Intentional Communication: Discover the art of mindful conversations that create a strong foundation for conscious connections, replacing the digital noise with genuine engagement.

🗝️ Navigating Intentional First Dates: Get expert advice on transforming initial meetings into purposeful encounters and experiences that set the stage for authentic connections, breaking free from the cycle of endless casual dates.

🗝️ Igniting Shared Values and Visions: Uncover the secrets to recognizing shared values and visions early on, avoiding wasted time on connections that lack depth.

🗝️ Empowering Self-Discovery: Develop self-awareness and confidence that radiate authenticity, empowering you to create genuine connections both online and offline.

Exclusive Bonus To Live Attendees:

Attendees will receive an exclusive Conscious Dating Guide, meticulously curated by Sarah Louise Ryan, filled with practical exercises and steps to apply the teachings.

Who is this Masterclass for?

This masterclass welcomes singles who are ready to get their wants, needs and desires met in dating. Its for those who are feeling fatigued and fed up by the endless swiping and situationships and they are ready to make radical changes which should result in a more energetic, playful and conscious dating journey.

Don't leave finding deep connection to chance. Don’t wait until you feel so depleted by your current dating experiences that you feel less than hopeful about finding that deeply fulfilling intellectual, emotional and sexual connection.

You and your dating life deserve more and Sarah can’t wait to share more about how you can get back in the driving seat and get the connection you crave and deserve in dating.

With so much love & light,

See you there x


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