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Do We Need Couples Therapy For Support In Our Relationship?

Before couples start working with a professional relationship expert, coach or therapist they often search the web to find out if they need support, especially if they feel that their relationship is heading towards a breakup and they just don’t know what to do.

So, what kinds of things do couples who feel they need support share with relationship experts?

When couples come to me they often share that they are in relationship distress and don’t know how to overcome things such as...

  • Constantly Arguing

  • Lack of very little sexual intimacy

  • Sexual Intimacy problems

  • Resent and Bitterness

  • Trust issues

  • Secrecy

  • Dismissive language / behaviour

  • Emotional Affairs

  • Sexual Affairs

  • Differences around family

  • Domestic Inbalance

  • Blended family issues

  • Difficulty to connect

  • Work & Life Balance

There are so many reasons couples come to do couples work with the experts. However, the problem is that couples wait until they are close to drawing the relationship to a close or until they are both energetically so depleted that they don’t know what else to do or who else to turn to.

If you’re here searching about couples work with an expert, it’s because there is something going on in your relationship that’s holding the two of you back from fully and authentically being yourselves with each other and feeling safe to share what’s going on for you without difficulty in conversation, fear of hurting one another, or, there may be so much defensiveness from one or both of you that you feel that you can’t even get off the starting blocks to pave your way back to reconnection.

Forget about the stigma or fear of couples work. Just focus on what you need right now and know that if you’re here reading this then your relationship and reigniting the connection and spark is something of high priority for you. The relationship you have with your romantic partner is one of the most important things to you and you want to do something about the disconnection that one or both of you are feeling right now.

With couples work, I provide a safe, carefully structured and non-judgmental environment for you both to share and be heard. You speak to each other in a professionally structured dialogue that has worked for thousands of couples worldwide as the head towards relationship reconnection. The structure I am trained in as a relationship educator and coach is Imago for Relationships. This couples work is ‘relentlessly positive’ and has seen many couples have breakthroughs from those handful of initial sessions, or with time, over a few months unpick all of the hurdles holding them back from having a deeply fulfilling romantic, sexual, emotional and friendship connection with their significant other.

My advice to you is to just get started. Reframing couples work as vital relationship maintenance rather than something you both do to fix and repair something that feels broken will be so helpful for you both.

This work is a passion and a profession for me. I have been working with the love lives of singles and couples since 2011 and so whether you take the leap of faith to make an enquiry with me now or in a years time, just know that I’ve got you and I look forward to working with both you and your partner. I conduct my couples work worldwide online or in person in the UK in places such as Rutland, London and Manchester - in person sessions are subject to availability and there is much more availability for online sessions. Sessions online will not impact the effectiveness of the couples work I will do for you. You may choose to have one in person session so you can understand how it all works in person, inclusive of the room set up for best results of relationship reconnection and then the rest of your sessions online. Either way, you can make an enquiry here and we can go from there.

Looking forward to hearing from you both and hopefully, working with you both with your relationship at the forefront very soon.

Much Love,

Sarah Louise Ryan x


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