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Main Character Syndrome - Relationships Feature

Talking all about Main Character Syndrome with Metro Newspaper, a topic that comes up time and time again during and since the pandemic whereby so many place themselves at the front and centre of late. Specifically talking about how MCS can affect friendships and romantic relationships. Here's a few snippets of dating and relationship expert commentary, you can read full article here: Here's what I had to say ‘Narcissists tend to have a lack of empathy for others, which means if you are a friend with a narcissist sometimes you feel they lack genuineness that cements that friendship or empathy to help you in difficult situations – you may be doing all the relationship legwork. That might also be the same in romantic relationships. ‘The person who has main character syndrome will also have an inflated sense of ego, which goes hand in hand with being arrogant, so they will always want to be seen the most, heard the loudest and their opinion to be the final and most prominent in most scenarios. ‘As a friend to this person or a romantic partner this may have a detrimental effect on self-esteem or confidence as they take the limelight in the relationship and you take a “back seat” so to speak.’ ‘A narcissist may also seek the perfect partner, or romanticise the perfect relationship and so there may be a pressure to perform romantically that comes alongside dating or being in a relationship with a narcissist. ‘The problem with this is doesn’t leave much room for the human element and for life unexpected ups and downs which mean the main character may be stuck in their ways and their narrative. ‘A lot of things may be and seem superficial, lacking in substance and just for show for the outside world. This may lack connection and the deep rooted foundations a relationship needs to run the distance.


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