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Radio 5 Live With Colin Murray: Relationship Expert Moderation of Polyamory vs Monogamy Debate

I joined Colin Murray on BBC Radio 5 Live to share expert opinion and to also wrap up the “This House Believes” debate on the very interesting topic of Polyamory vs Monogamy, a conversation that’s on the rise as the modern dater explores the minefield of meeting other singles.

The search for ‘The One’ is becoming ever more complex and overwhelming with so many platforms and options to choose from, singles now not only have a paradox of choice with dating platforms, apps and services but also with one another. Enter Polyamory.

Such fun to share insight & wrap up this debate whilst being in conversation with the BBC again. This week I’m hopping over to BBC Sounds for more dating and inter personal relationship exploration and I plan to share my top tips about creating a loving, long lasting (monogamous partnership).


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